Pinnacle Sports Club

Little Rock, Arkansas



Pinnacle Sports was created to offer more sports opportunities to student-athletes, regardless of their level.


As a former professional athlete, Coach Lisa has come to understand the value of sports when it comes to building character traits such as discipline, commitment, teamwork, and competitiveness that help kids be successful in life. It also taught her the importance of being active to guarantee a long term balanced physical and mental health. Sports was a big part of her life growing up, giving her new experiences, friendships, and allowing her to travel around the world meeting people, learning about new cultures and languages.


As a Coach and P.E. teacher, she has  observed several situations where she saw the growth that sports added to children's lives, whether it was their character, self-esteem, social skills, emotional intelligence and even in their personal lives. This rewarding accomplishment  feeling is what drives her and what keeps her going.

Lisa Grinfeder
Founder of Pinnacle Sports Club and 
Head Coach


Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  Lisa  is a former professional water skier. She was 15  times National Champion, 2 times Latin-American Champion Top 13 in the World, 4th place in the Pan-American Games 99 and still holds the  Brazilian Record in salom, jump and tricks.  During her career she was lucky to travel the world while competing. She has been to all European and  South American  countries, Canada, Mexico, Singapure, Thailand, Indonesia,  South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. She played  volleyball in a Brazilian College Team as an outside and middle hitter and  was also Pernambuco State Champion  in Tennis in 2013.She also  loves surfing and snow skiing.


Lisa is graduated  with a Bachelor Physical Education and  a Masters in Sports Management. She worked for AXN as an extreme sports tv anchor where she dove with whale sharks, did hang gliding, bungee jumping and rafting  in New Zealand while covering  the Echo Challenge Events.  After having her two children and moving to Recife, she worked at the American School of Recife during 10 years where she taught Physical Education  for Lower, Elementary and Middle Schools and coached Volleyball, Soccer and Tennis and   soon became   the After School Program Coordinator and, together with an amazing team, she  improved considerably  the success and integrity of the program.


In July 2017  she and her family moved to Litte Rock. She  realized that sports   here were seasonal and decided to organize some off-season volleyball clinics for her kids to keep active. After a couple of sucessful  clinics she was asked when there would be more and  this is when Pinnacle Sports Club was created.  Lisa's passion for sports  and adventures motivates her to share her knowledge and experience and to continuously gain and develop new ones!