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Not sure of your skill level?

We can help! 

Beginners - Ages: 11 - 18 

No skill level necessary. Our main goal is for our students to learn the basics and to develop love and a long term interest for volleyball!   We will focus on teaching/developing the basics elements required to play volleyball (overhand serves and/or the transitioning to get the overhand serve consistent, platform for passing and defense, setting, transition and hits). 

Intermediate - Ages: 11 - 18 

Moderate skill level. A basic  ball control and at  least 50% overhand  serve consistency  is required for this level as  we will be working on spotting overhand serves, transition to hitting, serve/receive to a target and defense reading. Ab  But still! Our main goal with this group is also to develop  LOVE and a long term interest for volleyball! 


Advanced - Ages: 12 -18 

High Skill level. Consistent and accurate serve, transition to jump serves, hit and good ball control as well as competition experience in school's or club's teams is required for this level.


Busy Bees -   Ages: 7-10 

All  students from 8 to 10 years old are welcome, regardless of their skill level. Our goal is to develop gross motor skills  and the 3 of the volleyball fundamental skills: serve (underhand), pass and set, plus introduction to overhand serve and hitting.  We also want them to develop love and a long term interest for volleyball.  All through  individual  and group  drills and fun game-like  games adapted to their age and skill level. 

Looking for private lessons? Send us an e-mail:

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